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A Hoot About the World is the seniors’ International Relations class project about geopolitics and global issues. They read and discuss articles from Foreign Affairs as they inform themselves as global citizens on issues such as transnational terrorism, nuclear proliferation, climate policy, migration, cybersecurity, public health policy, trade, and development.

Throughout the year the class focuses on discussions about the balance of power in world politics, how nation-states vacillate between cooperation and conflict and lastly how individual leaders contribute to globalization and fragmentation.  They discuss what is happening around the globe, while always returning to the more analytical discussions about how and why these current events matter.

All this preparation will help students develop sophisticated reading, writing and critical thinking and skills as we will publish an edition of the magazine each year. 

Each edition of the magazine includes articles, book reviews, ads and designs.  Students submit individual work for publication, but work collaboratively as they edit and design the layout of the magazine.  Leadership positions include Lead Editor and Head of Design.

A Hoot About The World - Volume 2

A Hoot About The World - Volume 2

A Hoot About The World - Volume 1